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Founded by a former solo/small firm attorney, Mob Squad Software, Inc., maker of Docket Mob™, is on a mission to make practicing law easier for small law firms and solo attorneys. Attorneys should not have to be part of a large firm to access productivity programs that make their work lives better. Yet, historically software has been often out of reach for smaller firms due to the time sink it takes to use these programs, and the out-of-pocket costs. 

Recognizing this gap in service, Mob Squad Software was born. Our goal is to serve small firms and solo attorneys with innovations that remove the “time sink” barrier for attorneys with tools that innovate on data capture and are respectful of your time. 

We believe that by innovating on capturing data “where and as it is,” transforming that data with meaningful value, providing a modern consumer experience, and incorporating other creative network effects, we can substantially reduce the time and costs for practice management for you, your firm, and the entire profession. But especially for solos and small firms who are the backbone of the legal process.

Docket Mob™ is our first product to market, with more in the works. We started with critical dates management because it is the most effective an simplest method of increasing visibility, risk management and order for your practice. 

We are committed to finding innovative means to provide structure to data from your calendars, emails, and other tools that will streamline and organize your practice, while also respecting the security and confidentiality that you as a lawyer need.

What sets us apart is our commitment to understanding the unique needs of small law firms and solo attorneys.

Easy to use

Eliminates the “Time Sink” barrier that breaks the implementation of case management and other legal software in solo and small firms (aka “Shelfware”)


Cost should not be an obstacle to efficiency and order. Our affordability combined with your Errors and Omissions policy discount is hard to pass up.

Intuitive design

Docket Mob™ does not look and operate like your “dad’s” case management software. No forms for data entry, no row and column reporting. Ever. We promise.

Calendar integration

Easy Deadline Management- Stay on top of your legal deadlines with a dashboard that pulls them from your cluttered calendar effortlessly.

Join the growing community of legal professionals who are choosing Docket Mob to transform their practices. Experience the power of innovation without the headache of complexity. It’s time to elevate your legal practice with software designed by attorneys for attorneys. Welcome to the future of legal productivity.

Meet our founder Hunter Sheridan

Hunter brings extensive experience in the professional services industry to Mob Squad Software, Inc. A member of the Georgia Bar, Hunter was previously a founding member of Practice Management Technologies, Inc. (PMTI) where he worked as a product lead for the development of Practice Manager Case Management Software (now Automon), and managed the Attorney Services Association, a virtual law firm. 

Hunter also has experience as a J.D. Edwards client manager for the Professional Services Area. As an ERP project manager and consultant, he worked with professional service firms in Europe, Africa, Australasia, and North America for more than 25 years.

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